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SEN Tutoring


The Centre is offering Special Education Needs (SEN) support to pupils with specific educational requirements. Our SEN tutors have experience in facilitating ABA programmes with children on the Autism spectrum. This include children who have global delay, Apraxia (Speech delay), severe ADHD and FAS.


We provide individual education programmes for special needs and mainstream children. Individual education programmes are designed according to a child's specific strengths and weaknesses. The aim is to make academic work and skills more easily understandable to the child by using his or her strengths to explain and work through various skills. Common areas of support include basic mathematics, language, reading and writing skills. This service is offered to children in early years and primary. The ultimate goal is to help your child achieve his/her true potential.


We also able to assess whether a child is ready to begin formal education. This assessment explores whether a child is ready to benefit from formal schooling. The ideal age to assess a child for school readiness is between the ages of 5 years and 7 years. We use a screening battery to assess the following:

1) Motor, visual and auditory perceptual abilities;

2) Emotional and social development;

3) Language and mathematical/numerical development; and

4) Cognitive reasoning ability, memory and general knowledge.


Registration Fee:        £60

Assessment:                £140

Tuition Fee:                £45 per hour

Deposit:                       £200

Specific information

A month's notice in writing is required, should your child wish to terminate i12Learn study.

Lead Tutor

Donna Grimsley

BA in Applied Psychology; BA Psychological Counselling; Postgraduate Certificate in Education; Cognitive Neuroscience (honours level) and Certificate in Basic CNS Pharmacology for Psychologists.


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