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Chinese Mandarin Programme   儿童普通话教学项


How does the programme work? 该项目如何运作?


In the i12Learn Centre, Chinese teachers with experience are employed to guide student’s Chinese teaching.

i12Learn 学习中心雇佣有经验的中文老师来指导孩子的中文学习。


With love and patience from the teachers, students will be learning in a relaxed, lively and fun environment which will trigger interest in learning and enhance learning results. Children will be relaxed and happy while learning at ease, and we help busy parents accomplish Chinese education for their children.



Teaching with a combination of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills along with traditional and simplified Chinese characters, the i12Learn Centre will enable students to appreciate the beauty and wisdom of how Chinese characters that are customary to local needs. Teaching of related Chinese culture will also be included in this class.



The i12Learn Mandarin Curriculum i12Learn普通话课程


Carefully arranged curriculum not only complies with everyday living, it also help students in early preparation for Chinese class in school to improve academic performance or for employment opportunities.



In our Beginner class, students will learn: 在我们的初学者中文班,孩子们将学习

  • Speaking, reading, listening and writing 听,说,读,写
  • Zhuyin and Pinyin for accurate pronunciation and easy association 注音和拼音法(便于准确发音和易于联想)
  • Traditional and / or simplified characters 简体字和繁体字
  • Chinese culture appreciation 中国文化欣赏
  • Sentence structures and grammar, so children can: 句子结构和语法,因此孩子们能够

    -     do self-introduction 做自我介绍

    -     introduce family members’ 介绍家庭成员

    -     express what they eat, like, have, and also learn other commonly used verb for daily life 表达他们的食物、喜好、拥有,也学习其他日常生活中使用的动词。

    -     tell time and count numbers 时间和数字

    -     conduct phone conversations 电话交谈


    Class Time and Day 课程时间和日期


    Saturday         3.00 pm to 4.15pm 周六下午 3pm to 4.15pm


     Fees 费用


Initial Registration fee 首次注册登记费

£50 per child/每人

Tuition fee per student per month 学费/每人/每月

£50 per child

Deposit 押金

£50 per child


A month’s notice in writing is required, should your child wish to terminate i12Learn study.

如果您的孩子想终止在i12Learn 的学习,必需提前一个月通知。

One-to-one lessons are also available. Please ask for further information.


Specific information 具体信息

              Maximum group size: 15

              Age Group for children: 5 – 18 年龄组:5-18            


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