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Abacus Mathematics

The soroban abacus is a traditional Japanese calculating tool, originally introduced to Japan from China around the 16th century. It was refined over time and spread across Asia and the world. Even in the present era of computers and calculators, the ancient art of abacus has survived and is once again beginning to be appreciated (or rediscovered) as an excellent educational and mental arithmetic tool.


Today, the soroban abacus is taught in schools and after-school programmes in many parts of Asia, including Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and India. It has also been introduced to Western countries in recent years.


This course aims to help children…

  • Develop cognitive skills (Concentration, attention, visualisation, auditory processing and logic)
  • Develop ability to search, recognise and understand patterns, processes, and their relationships for solving problems
  • Internalise basic maths facts, patterns, processes and their relationships.
  • Develop ability and creativity to express and apply patterns, processes and relationships for solutions.
  • Develop tenacity.

Class Times and Days

Saturday           12.45 pm – 2.45 pm




Registration Fee & Materials       


Private Abacus (At Centre / Online)

£35 per hour

Pay-as-you-go (24 hour notice)

£40 per hour

Home Tutoring (exclude travel)

£35 per hour

Group Tuition Fee

£65 per month

Deposit: Group


Deposit: Private



A month's notice in writing is required, should your child wish to terminate i12Learn study.

A waiting list for new students is applicable.

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